Friday, September 02, 2011

It's Game Time

 Part of Darik's perk for his job is two season tickets to basketball and football (the only sports they sell tickets for - everything else is free :-).  So the Ellie and I were pretty excited to go.  We'd never been to a big time - BCS like game.  A friend from church invited us to her tailgating (Ellie: telegating) party and some yummy food.  So we went in a few hours early - there was crazy traffic just to get to the stadium.  It was also a little foggy in the morning - it cleared up and ended up broiling us alive . . . but pregame was fun.  Turns out VT's ROTC is INSANELY serious.  It's the cadet corp and they have their own housing, have to wear uniforms to the games, etc.  Our seats are in the section right next to them in the south end zone.  Other than the heat, we had a super great time.  Ellie loved seeing her Hokie bird.  Daddy stopped by and passed a water bottle to us, and at half time we ended up leaving.  I had to make Ellie a deal that next game we'd stay the whole one.  Turns out college football's a lot funner if you are going with your whole family even if it's an ISU game.  I mean, VT was fun, but turns out D still works the whole game . . . and I'm sitting by a bunch of strangers.  Hmmm, so just a different sort of fun.

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