Sunday, October 02, 2011

Happy Date-aversary!

As I write this, 11 years ago, Darik and I were on our first date.  A shepherd's pie dinner after Sunday night LDS General Conference in October.  I went out to the trunk of my car to show him some pics of my family, and he saw my binder of baseball cards.  I think he's been hooked ever since.

I've liked reminding him this week that we've been wanting each other for 11 years now.  Pretty cool.

ps    Funny how time flies, though.  I still feel 20.  Although I know I've aged.  We rewatched Titanic.  Last time I saw it I probably was a teenager and Leo DeCaprio was the hottest thing around.  How I know I'm older is I watched it this time and saw two little kids starring in a Titanic movie.  I would have felt like a perv thinking Leo was hot - he was a child!  So I'm pretty happy how I am now - I think 33 yo Darik is way hotter than 22 yo Darik.  And I'm looking forward to the hotness of our 40s.  :-) Kinda weird, but true.

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