Saturday, November 26, 2011

Muchas Gracias

I'll add more pics later, but this is us surrounding a jellyfish we found at the beach on the day after thanksgiving.  We went to my aunt and uncle's house in Suffold for turkey day and the next day had a picnic on the banks of the James River with leftovers.  We found crabs, jelly fish, catfish, and even tried to stop water from running to the ocean.  It was a guy thing.  It was really great to see my cousins again.  I babysat them growing up and haven't seen them since they moved East Coast.  The guy in the middle, Simon, was my little cuddle bug.  I remember when he was a baby and me and my sister were babysitting for the whole weekend while their parents were at a meeting.  Simon had colic.  And at age 14 I will ALWAYS remember my first night with a colicky baby.  Over the next 6 years he went on to become my cuddle bug.  Now Ellie's a cuddle bug, and he's her favorite - and when he has kids Ellie can babysit!!  It's pretty much the circle of life!
We loved the visit, Ellie loved their barbie home with the barbie stairs . . . we had a great time visiting, going on walks, laughing, and watching Chicken Little.  Can't wait til next Thanksgiving :-)

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