Monday, January 23, 2012

Trust in the Lord

I haven't blogged in a REALLY long time, but after the events of the day I thought I might like to write things down for future remembrance.
Thursday I started my new job. Stress level = 0. I'm a pretty happy camper. We decide on a temple trip to DC on Saturday. So yesterday we met my aunt and uncle in DC, they had their 2 kids (my cousins I babysat while I was a kid) Millie & Simon . . . and M&S took Ellie into DC on the Metro while we all went in to the temple for a session. That's the plan.

On the way up Darik gets a call from Pres. Samples of the Stake Presidency. Sunday is ward conference and he'll be there and he wants to visit with us today. We shoot him down - we won't be back from DC until 11 pm (4.5 hour drive from our home). So we set up an appt for noon (about an hour before church starts).

So we arrive at the DC temple. The gorgeous temple. So pretty. We go into a session and Ellie is off with my cousins to the Air and Space Museum. She REALLY likes satellites.

We do a session. I was amazed at

1) how much more you are in love with your spouse in the temple when everything of no importance falls away from consideration.
2) the peace at the temple
3) That I was able to renew my covenants. It had been so long and it is just a special feeling.

I was a little nervous my cousins would lose my kid in DC, but she made it safely back to me.

After dinner we drove home, slept in this morning, and barely made it to church by noon. On the way we made bets on what we thought the calling was. My guess was EQ counselor. Darik's guess was Ward Missionary or Stk Sunday School Counselor. We sit down with Pres. Samples and he says he needs to interview Darik to receive the office of High Priest. What?!! So he interviews him and says that since he is worthy he'd like to extend a calling to him to be 2nd counselor in the bishopric. You could have heard a pin drop. We were not expecting this. At all. I nervously giggle and Darik regains he composure and we agree. I ask when this is happening and he says, "In about 30 minutes." Uh, ok. We shake hands and pray and we're done.

I don't know how the Lord does it but if I were working audit hours I would have freaked. The timing of everything lining up is shocking. How could I not acknowledge the Lord's hand in my life? During sacrament I searched the scriptures for "Trust in the Lord". Good ol' Proverbs. Did you know the Old Testament is chock full of "Trust in the Lord". What comfort. And I'm just a teeny tiny bit greatful for the gauntlet we ran in Idaho when he was working 60 hours a week + night school 6 hours per semester + EQ President. Oh yeah, when Ellie and I saw him one night per week? Compared to that I looked at what was before me and said, "Yep, I can do this." {{Well, really the Lord told me that in a prayer this morning before I knew what it was. So that helped, too.}}

So yeah. We're shocked. And a little unsure. But he's serving with awesome guys. I think the average age of the bishopric is now 35! They are going to have a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun!! He's in capable hands. And so am I. So that's our update. Love you all!


  1. An amazing blog. Congratulations Darik!! Gene has been 2nd counselor in the St. Anthony Place branch for almost 5 years. Yes, it is amazing how the Lord works.

    Miss visiting with you. Good luck. Gene & Camille

  2. What a wonderful post. Love those tender mercies of the Lord! Congrats to Darik on his new calling, and to you on your new position! I loved your first point of the beauty of the temple, so so true!

  3. Congrats! And-- what in the world happened to Jeff?

  4. Jeff is really excited about this. I know Darik will be an amazing counselor.

  5. Ah. And there it is. Welcome to the club. We've only been doing this for a month, but can I just say that the tone in our home has changed dramatically (for the best and it wasn't that bad before!) It is amazing to see how the Lord knows us, loves us, and prepares us to be obedient. Congrats guys!

  6. I'm glad you feel so much peace about everything and can see the Lord's hand in your life. So many blessings! I hope they continue!

  7. holy cow. i leave for one sunday & look what happens! just kidding. darik will be awesome. and you have so many people who love you who can help with whatever, should you ever want - or need - it. you guys are so awesome & we are so happy you're here. just so you know.

  8. Oh my! Congrats to Darik! You will all do great for the Lord qualifies those that he calls and you and Ellie are called to this also, as a wife who supports him and a daughter who loves him.