Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time . . . Of the Year


Is it Christmas?






It was the ALA's Youth Media Awards Day. Each year at midwinter conference they announce who wins all the YMAs from Caldecott-Newbery-Printz+. It is the day I look forward to like a kid at Christmas. It's Oscars for KidsLit Book Geeks. It's is squee inducing. I'm in a Mock Newbery group on GoodReads that picks books throughout the year and then votes who we think should win. I also follow a few blogs of librarians who have been on the Newbery Committee before and we discuss the same things. I don't know if I've let my kidslit freak flag fly before -- but yeah, I want to be a chidren's librarian . . . and I have a spectacular dream of one day serving on a Newbery Committee. That may never happen, but I sure intend to figure out a way to run a local Mock Newbery group either at the local library or at Ellie's school when she's old enough.


p.s. Not so happy that local library is sadly lacking in distinguished titles. I just need to get rich so I can buy them all myself, but then I only by paperbacks so that would mess with my bookshelves. GRRRR.

p.p.s.  Anyone interested in participating in the March Madness of KidsLit with me?  Let me know - go see www.battleofthebooks.slj.com


  1. How does it work? I noticed just a few min ago they have awarded Newbery award. I've been working off and on since I got married on an annotated list of all the Newberrys. Most of what I read is childrens I have to admit.

    1. Jessica, check out their website. In January they post a list of 16 best books of the year and give you 2 months to read them. then in March they have matchups on line with discussions and famous authors coming in to call the winners. It's pretty fun!