Friday, May 03, 2013

whole foods

I just want to say, quinoa-salads-in-a-jar have changed my life.  No longer need we subject ourselves to days old tossed salads in the fridge and the monotony of same-old same-old.  I have four favorite salad jar recipes:  fiesta, asian, mediterranean, and fruit/poppyseed. Seriously I have a perfect serving size already packed up so on busy days I send one with D to work with a side of fresh greens, and when I'm running around and along comes lunchtime?  If I want to enjoy a healthy salad I don't have to spend 20 minutes making it fresh or eating a leftover salad.  I seriously eat one of these a day.  I LOVE IT.
In other food news, my friend Caleb gave me this cookbook when I left VA.  Let's just say it's gotten rave reviews and met a smashing success.  Quinoa Stirfry, Spaghetti Squash Boats (with cheater mozza we're not 100% vegans :-), Tuscan Shepherd's Pie, Edamame, and Tofu Pesto Pasta Salad.  There have been others not pictured that are amazing, our fave probably being black bean burgers. 

Also I had to throw in a shot of our fridge:  5 of 6 shelves filled with produce. 

I truly don't care if I lose weight or how my body looks - In fact I think talking about those things is unhealthy body image.  I won't let Ellie say the word skinny or talk about losing weight, we can only talk about how food and exercise makes us healthy and strong.  I have a true passion for holistic health.  I healthy self-image comes from doing hard things and accomplishing your goals.  We have to feed our minds and bodies.  So in my next post on health:  we'll talk books :-)


  1. I'm intrigued. Will you share your salad recipes?

  2. Why have I not been doing salads in a jar? Thank you for showing this because I just organized my kitchen and stuck some mason jars in my garage sale pile, but now I'm going to pull them back!

    Your food and fridge look awesome. Great job eating healthy!

  3. Can you send me the recipes as well? I was telling Ted about these salad jars, they look really yummy.