Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Settling Down

For those of you who haven't heard a few months ago we found out we would be able to buy a house and we started looking at what is available in the local market.  Since we want this move to be our last we considered every option, and having been burned before in the past by certain decisions in our owning 4 other homes . . . weighed what's best financially and for our situation ended up buying a lot 5 blocks (about half a mile) away from where we live now (in Rexburg that's two wards away).  Turns out by living within walking distance of Darik's work we can afford to build a 1500sf ranch with a tv room downstairs (the rest unfinished) for the same cost (mort+tax+ins) as what we currently pay in rent.  Thank goodness we've saved money for a down payment over the years.  I know a few friends mentioned they wanted to see our floorplans - which were finalized this morning.

 We chose a smaller, less popular plan that we could customize (walk in pantry, mud room with bench and closet, custom wall-to-wall bookshelves in the main room, walk in closet, wood burning fireplace, extra unfinished storage downstairs, etc.)  Truly our builder is likely to be SO happy we aren't calling with any more changes!  My personality is one that studies and researches and narrowing down to the best 2-3 options available - but I'm not the most adept at actually making the final decision.  Let's just say that choosing all of the colors and materials was a nightmare for me.  Especially since Darik favors traditional and I favor more contemporary - it will be interesting to see how we make this work once we're in the home.  :-)

Timeline is to move in September, we are looking forward to having our own place that we've made our own.  Let the building begin!

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  1. That's so exciting. I can't wait to see it once it's done.