Monday, July 17, 2006

Briscoe Reunion-Day 2-Pt 2

The second part of the day after lunch my family headed out for Carthage, Illinois, where the Carthage jail is. This was unanimously everyone's favorite part of Nauvoo. (1-8) It was really amazing to be in the same room and same place that Joseph Smith became a martyr for what we believe.

(1-2) the statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, who were brothers and best friends. They were both killed in the brick building in the background.

(3-4) This is my family in the room where the prisoners were held right before the angry mob of 100 men came storming in with guns. It was an amazing experience because over 90% of the jail is the original windows, floors, doors, woodwork, etc. Almost everything there is the exact same thing they stood on or saw, etc.

(5-6) This is Hailey standing next to the door in the same room. It is the original door that was there. The black mark you can see on the door above her head and to the right is the hole left from the ball/bullet that shot through the door and hit Hyrum Smith's face. The hole is at least the size of a quarter in diameter. The next picture is Darik and Ellie standing out in front of the jailhouse.

(7-8) This is Darik and Ellie standing at the side of the jail. The window above their heads to the left is the one Joseph Smith fell out of after he was shot. The next shot is after the tour of the jail, we were walking back to the cars and we got this candid shot of hailey standing next to the statue. We don't know if she had just understood what she had just heard, but i hope some of it sunk in . . .

Then it was back home for more crazy familiness and dinner before heading over to the church house for a talent show. (9-14) Included is a picture of my neices Brooke and Hailey performing with my cousin Renee, and of course us trying to get Ellie to jump into her Birthday cake again.

my cousins Robert, Sam, and Laura. My cousin Adrianne.

Uncle Ron, Nathan, and Joel. Renee, Brooke, & Hailey.

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