Monday, July 17, 2006

Briscoe Reunion - Last Day

This was pretty much the "do whatever you didn't get done the day before" day. A big group headed to Carthage and the rest of us went on the wagon ride. I convinced everyone that it would be cool, last year when we took it , the ride brought us down by the river and all the way up around to the Smith properties and there were some cool stories, too. So I pretty much dragged my family to it . . . and it probably wasn't worth it . . . there was road construction so the wagon couldn't go on it's regular route. It was still ok, but my brothers James, Mike, and Mike's girlfriend/fiancee?? Vanessa all said yesterday that they were "all church history-d out" and just wanted to chill. So notice their blank stares.

Then it's back to 'Grandma's House' where everyone is packing up to say goodbye. We packed up our car, which is packed to the gills, and which 89% of it is Ellie's stuff (stroller, packnplay, white noise machine, etc.).

Mom, dad, mike, and vanessa all took off for Idaho after dropping James, Brooke, + Hailey off with me. James was flying out the next day back to Vegas and the girls were staying with me for a week before Darik & I took our vacation back to Idaho where we would drop them off. But those stories are for different blogs :-).

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