Friday, July 21, 2006

Idaho Trip - Miller Version

It was a long miserable 24-hour drive home to Idaho on June 30. Emily's two girls were great: it was Ellie that killed it. We drove thru the night and Ellie woke up every hour to cry for a half an hour. Eventually I just had to ask Darik to pull over at a rest stop so we could all get at least some sleep. We took off less than two hours later. We got there and went to church-which, again, was a nightmare. You know those heavy metal padded chairs that the Relief Society room usually has? Well I was in the back of RS with Ellie and I turned around for a minute to pack her diaper bag, when . . . not only did she pull one of those heavy chairs down on herself, but she landed on another baby and the chair landed on both of them. It was a huge racket and the babies were screaming . . . . ahhhH! kids at church, gotta love it! On Monday my dad took the day off of work to take us golfing at the golf course in Central, Idaho. It's halfway between Grace and Soda Springs, I think. But it's in the middle of all of the potato fields on the Christensen land, which is where my great-grandma Anna Christensen Swann grew up. It was probably one of the most gorgeous place I've ever been. Since it's such a small family course, we could take babies out with us and Ellie loved driving the cart, being the caddy, spending time with Papa, and all around being adorable! Darik loved the golfing, of course. (haha, get it, of course? golf course?)

That night I went over to my friend Teresa's house. Her little baby Jayda is just a month younger than Ellie and they loved playing together. My friend Janna was their with Cliff and her new baby, Audrey. I was holding Audrey and Ellie tried to jump out of Darik's arms and take the baby out of my arms. I don't think she liked her mama holding another little baby.

The next morning we went to Pocatello's 4th of July parade. It was the first year they had done one, they usually have a huge 24th of July parade though. So it was small, but still fun. Emily's three girls were on the ward's float (looking bored). And this is all of us chilling out in the shade. I don't know if we didn't have a chair for Vanessa, or this if they just chose this seating arrangement . . . after a barbecue lunch Darik and I left for the Andersons.

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