Sunday, July 23, 2006

Idaho Trip - Anderson Version

We had fun at the Andersons. We went up to Idaho Falls on Tuesday the 4th. Ellie missed out on a good fireworks show that night, she was at home sleeping. Her favorite part of the day was playing with their kitty. Other than when she almost killed it, she was pretty good with it.

The next day we did a Rexburg trip. We went up to see my grandma Saurey in Hibbard (rexburg), then we went up to campus to the old office where I used to work. I visited with the ladies and showed off Ellie. While we were there Pres. and Sis. Clark were getting ready to go out to lunch but they came over and met us, that was pretty cool of them, I thought. Then we headed down to my Grandparents Briscoe in Rigby. We stayed there about an hour and had lunch. It was fun to visit there, too. The next day we ran some errands (Deseret Book, Dist. Center, Bookstore, etc.).

Then on Friday it's off to the Anderson Reunion up in Island Park. Ellie loved being outdoors 24/7. And she had a great time playing with her new friend Isaac (darik's cousin's son). It was our first camping experience with Ellie and it was fun. On Saturday morning Mindy, darik's sister, showed up with her boyfriend Chris. It was fun to meet him and get to know this guy we've heard so much about. Later on we all went and played in the water. It was fun watching all of the guys have a contest to see who could make the biggest wave. The water was SO freezing, though. I don't think I'm a wuss, but I put my legs in and they just hurt it was so cold!! But guess who didn't have a problem with the cold water: yep, Ellie! Our little duckling. She kept on trying to jump out of our arms or off of her floatie and into the creek.

The trip home was much smoother than the one there (Ellie actually slept on the way home). But the drive just felt so eternally long because we were so ready just to be home and done with the busy-ness and vacations and get back to our regular old routines.

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