Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well since these next two weeks are the last hurrah before school starts I wanted to do a lazy-dazy summer activity. So I broke out a 500 piece puzzle. I did the whole thing til all that was left was 100 pieces of the sky and the water and I just didn't have the motivation to spend another 24-48 hours to pull it off. But I did great on the rest.

In related news Ellie has hit a puzzle milestone. You know those wood puzzles (a picture would be nice if I had a camera right about now) with separate pieces on top with a handle that you pull off and the exact picture is below it? Well, Ellie is getting a bit bored with those and she's trying to do the big girl puzzles with all of her cousins and that's not working out too well. So at the dollar store I bought those number and alphabet 1/2 inch thick foam puzzles. Popped out the pieces at home and Ellie went to work. She loves it. I also think it's the first time she's realized the ABC song she sings actually stands for something. So we point to letters and sing the song -- her face was cute when she first realized it, like she was really excited. The first few times I helped her put the pieces in telling her to flip and spin each one. But yesterday she did all 26 letters by herself and we were clapping and congratulating her and I look over --- the A and V is switched, the H and N are in each others spots, and the O was switched with the Q. It was just so cute to me. She tried her best and with these three she got mixed up and it if wasn't working she MADE it work by jamming it in there.

It just hit me that these days of looking at her mixed up foam puzzles won't last long and I just gave her a good long hug.

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  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Her Uncle Jacob was the greatest at puzzles since about 3 so maybe you can attribute some of her expertise to him. it would make him feel good anyway.