Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cool Stuff

Ok, if any of you know me well you know I am not the best with those kinds of businesses where you have parties and sell stuff from home? I've done two in my life and I barely survived . . . I am just not a "hostess" person. But my sister-in-law is now an "advisor" for a company (Lia Sophia, upscale jewelry at affordable prices) that I'd like to place an order --- and I decided to try to do a catalog party. Anyone and everyone can look and just place orders on the Internet.

This month the special is buy any two at full price (have them be the least expensive) and get four at 50% off. Since it is such a good deal I decided to put in my own order. I'm going to use this good deal to buy some gifts for birthdays and christmas.

Anyway, so here is the link to the catalog to go and check stuff out -- there is a link there that says "how to purchase" just put my name in as hostess and you can order online. The deadline for ordering is Sunday. Any questions just shoot me an email.

UPDATE When doing online ordering it doesn't automatically process the order, but sends the information to my sister-in-law . . . which is a good thing because she's the only one that can apply this month's special. So just FYI that the total if you order online won't be accurate.

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