Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Good Deal

Actually while I'm at it telling you about products I use and like, there's another one . . . This isn't shameless self promotion, because we are not sellers of the product or make any money telling anyone about it. We have purchased it for ourselves. It is a software program that was developed to help pay off your mortgage faster if you follow all the recommendations it tells you of what to do and when. We have been using it for a few months and so far if we follow it from now on it's calculated that we'll have our 30 year mortgage paid off in 15 years.

My dad is the agent that sold us the product. One of my former seminary teachers (no longer teaches, for those of you who know paul steed) was the one who showed it to us. My parents are using it and it says their mortgage will be paid off in about 8 years. Anyway, here is a link if you'd like more info. Click here Any questions or anything can be answered on there.

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