Tuesday, September 25, 2007

July 2007

Well the biggest thing that happened in July was Taysha moving in on the 13th. Unfortunately it was right in the middle of the worst heat wave ever and we didn't have AC and couldn't stand being in our house. So what do we do? Bust out some old mattresses and sleep under the stars. It was actually a lot of fun. We told her not to tell the Department that we make her sleep outside (sarcastically, of course!) A few weeks later we caved and installed central ac (we were going to have to replace our 50+ year old furnace this year anyway . . . )

WE also learned how brand new 2 year olds like to sit at the dinner table.

And a week later on the 21st of July a book came out that we were waiting impatiently for. I stayed up all night and finished it around 2:30 am. I'm among the small percentage of people that wasn't a big fan of #7 . . . you might not want to ask, it's a lengthy explanation!
One of the greatest things about having the new big sister around is that Ellie now has someone to help her with the girly girl stuff. Painting nails, hair, etc. Taysha taught ellie about how to have "pretty nails" so the pic below is her helping her daddy have the same as her (she actually painted his toenail pretty darn good).

Then we went to a Briscoe reunion in Utah. After a long afternoon of games at the church we headed off to the neighborhood pool that was reserved for us. I am scared of deep water so I had the help of rubber duckie. Taysha one upped me by using the goggles . . . . and as you can see, D didn't need any help at all making the plunge.

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