Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here Comes the Bride #1

That was Mindy, Darik's lil sis, who was married in July at the Idaho Falls Temple. Their parents are on a LDS Mission in Omaha Nebraska and were able to fly home for the wedding. It was good to have Ellie see Gma & Gpa again and for Taysha to meet her new Gma & Gpa! Here are some awesome pics:The beautiful bride and one of her adorable nieces!
Ellie climbing trees with uncle travis.
Ellie and her cousin Jayden, jus chillin outside the temple waiting for the happy couple!
There they are! Some of the cutest newlyweds you'll ever see!
There were LOTS of digital cameras there at the reception. It was a Hawaiian themed luau with delicious tropical food! YUM!
Ellie dancing on the dance floor to the music.
The whole anderson fam.

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