Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LA Trip #2 - Randomness

Angels stadium in Anaheim. We went to the game there Tuesday night -- but our cameras were all lost or broken from the beach. I think it was the first MLB game for a few people there that night. It was really fun. Ellie hit on an old man sitting next to her and combed a guy's hair with her feet. It was super embarrassing and enough to make you not want to bring a toddler to a game again. But there were also cute moments. She loves helicopters and they were flying overhead and she reached her arms up for a hug and said, "helicopter, hold you!!" (what she says when she wants to give something a hug. It was cute. Especially because about the same time Darik was trying to get her to say, "ellie loves daddy" and all she would say is "ellie loves helicopters"
This is us at the pool. Jake had an extra apartment for some of his employees that had already gone home for the summer so we stayed there. It was so nice not to pay for a hotel. They had this cool pool we chilled at when we couldn't make it to the beach.

The weather was hot in Rancho, but very very nice everywhere else. Taysha was always commenting on it. Esp how much she wishes we had warm weather here and that she wishes she could plant palm trees in our back yard!

One morning our family went out to eat at IHOP. The night before NASCAR had been in town racing -- complete with fireworks we saw from the freeway. So as we drive to the restaurant we see TONY STEWART'S NASCAR RACING TRAILER!!! I don't like NASCAR but I know plenty of people that would have died to get this picture! It was cool.

This is just one of the many pics we have when we're all scroungy after being in the car for so long or having sand stuck all over our bodies and scrunched into our minivan.

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  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    oh my heck! that is horrible! i don't remember you taking that!