Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LA Trip #3 - Newport Beach

obviously no jagged rock cliffs jutting gracefully out into the ocean forming a pretty cove here. Just miles of flat coastline. Pretty in its own way, too, i guess.I love this pic. It has almost all of the fam in it, plus the cute little beach houses, and Taysha getting washed away. Once we got to the beach she spent the next three hours out there straight wave surfing without a break. I think she loved it!
This is me trying to get a terrified two year old to touch the water. After her drowning experience earlier she wasn't too excited about it. She started warming up after I had her growl like a tiger and scare each wave that came to her. But not enough to stand in the water on her own!
And so she spent most of the time just building sand castles and digging a lot.
She loved it!!!
Here is the picture of Darik trying to avoid sun cancer on her bald head. He looks like an Arabian peacekeeper if you ask me.

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    Love the pictures--thanks