Monday, October 15, 2007

Quick Update

---Darik was sustained in a new calling --- Elder's Quorum Presidente. So I've got to get used to being husbandless for the next few years. Just kidding -- he was promised in his blessing that he would actually have more time home with us! So bring it on! :-)

---Canning apples. I've felt a little like forrest gump the past few days. We've got sweetened applesauce, unsweetened applesauce, homemade apple juice, dehydrated apples, apple pie filling, etc. etc. etc. And I burnt my hand so bad on the pie filling it's all blistered up. So I spent a few days canning, and the next few days cleaning up my kitchen afterwards. Taysha had school off on Friday and decided to be Betty Crocker with me. She had fun (i think :-)

---Deciding to plan a Quinceanera for a cute little teenager we have here. Usually in hispanic culture these things are bigger than my own wedding was . . . so we'll see what happens. I have less than 4 months till party time.

---we don't have a digital camera anymore, so it's hard to remember what and when to blog. Usually with a camera I had it with me and thought, "this would be so blogworthy! i need a picture!" so it's extra hard without one.

---we are taking a parenting class at the library called "Parenting with Love and Logic" they are free and count towards our annual education credit hours for foster parents. they have been amazing. there is a book by the same name and I highly recommend the book or the classes. it will be nice for the classes to be over and to have our thursday nights back again.

---we have had a lot of issues to deal with Taysha lately. I don't think I'm at liberty to post them because we really don't have any legal rights regarding her. Lots of parent teacher conferences and meetings with caseworkers, etc. She sure does keep us busy but it's worth it. We had an incident that led to an amazing family council -- we are really pleased with how things are going.

---las weekend was LDS General Conference! YAY. I loved it, as usual. My favorite themes and talks were about testimony, charity, motherhood, and time management (i.e. Good, Better, Best). I pray I can be the better person I was prompted to be and make some needed small changes in my life!

well, I hear ellie crying, laundry calling, and a dirty bathroom begging for my attention. later.


  1. I've been wondering where you have been! It sounds like you are incredibly busy. Keep posting even though you don't have a camera. I like to hear how you are doing. Or shoot me an e-mail sometime!

  2. My hubby was recently called as elder's quorum president too...that combined with optometry school = missing husband! :) It hasn't been too bad though.