Friday, February 29, 2008

Whatta Man!

(I hope someone else get's the envouge reference, I love that song) I got this from Karen and I thought it was cute:

1. What is his name? Darik Anthony Anderson
2. How long have you been married? 7 Years in May
3. How long did you date? Dated 3 months; Engaged 5 months
4. Who eats more sweets? D. Definately D. He has a sweet tooth, I don't really like sugar.
5. Who said I love you first? It was Darik. At that point I could only say 'ditto' back.
6. Who is taller? D
7. Who can sing better? ?? either. we both have some shining moments, but i'm no good, really. Actually maybe Darik beats me by an inch.
8. Who is smarter? I probably win in book smarts and Darik probably wins in people and sports smarts.
9. Who does the laundry? Me all the time!
10. Who pays the bills? Me
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Laying in it, I sleep on the left; he's on the right. And dang it, he won't switch for the life of me!
12. Who mows the lawn? D
13. Who cooks dinner? ME - Darik cooks once a year, and then it's plantation supper (which is still good). But he doesn't even try, like on my birthday or anything.
14. Who drives? Darik
15. Who is more stubborn? Darik is more selectively stubborn, so he's stubborn about less things than I am, but when he puts his foot down it will not be moved.
16. Who kissed who first? He totally just laid it on me (on the 2nd/3rd date?)
17. Who asked who out first? I think I challenged him to a shepherd's pie bakeoff on Conference weekend.
18. Who proposed? Well he never really did . . . it's a long story!
19. Who is more sensitive? Probably me
20. Who has more siblings? I have 6, he has 3.
21. Who wears the pants? I think that he does -- but his method of wearing the pants is that he lets me wear them in everything he doesn't care about :-), if he cares about the decision enough he's usually the "decider."


  1. You and Darik are such a sweet couple. Mind if I borrow the survery?

  2. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Lots of things that would be fun at a family party to ask and see how all see our situations compared to how we see them.