Saturday, March 01, 2008

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

straight off the presses:

U.Va. research: Snake phobia hardwired It talks about the same response has been found with spiders too. They think it's hardwired in our brains because they were natural enemies of our ancestors. They did tests that showed small children had the same responses as adults without have any experiences with snakes to base the fear on. So pretty much that means I'm not just a wussy freak, huh?

Did I ever tell you the story of when Darik was at work late and Taysh and I were downstairs -- I had folded my laundry earlier that day and left some on the floor. Well it just so happens a massive HOBO decided to make a home in my Ricks College sweatshirt. I had to call my neighbor's house (thanks April for letting me borrow your husband for spider killing!) to have her husband Chad come kill it for me. I had tried but it took all the chutzpah I had just to put a glass bowl on it. To hear Chad tell the story it was a daddy longleg, but seriously it was Freaking! Big!


  1. Kristine-I'm with you on the snakes and spiders. Go ahead and add mice to that list if you ask me! We just caught a mouse in our house and it still gives me the heebie-jeebies. My girls want to let it go so it can find its family.
    It is so fun to look at your blog and see what's going on with you! Your little Ellie is darling!! Isn't it the best to be a mom?!
    Glad you had a fun trip to Cali. It looks awesome.

  2. Quit channeling the spider gods and you'll be fine! Ah how I miss our Jr High trampoline days!

  3. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I must be in that category Kristine cause although I don't consider myself a wuss, I detest snakes mice and spiders.--in that order.