Tuesday, February 12, 2008

vacation, baby!

Darik had a work conference in Southern California. We saw it was at an awesome resort hotel -- and our little minds starting thinking that we could turn this into an AWESOME vacation for just the cost of my plane ticket. So here we are--from Sunday morning till late Wednesday night. And I must say that I am the most relaxed I've ever been in my life. We are having lots of fun. Except for every time we see a toddler around we miss ellie so much we almost cry. My mom is watching her (Thanks mom!) and she is doing fine during the day -- we talk to her a few times a day. And we don't cry until she says, "mommy I wanna go to ellie's house" or "mommy come back to me". And at night she cries and calls for me and tells nana that she misses her mommy. And I'm just dying, I literally just want to run to the nearest airport and fly home just so I can hold her right now! Anyway, here are some of the pictures of our trip so far.Sunday morning, we flew in really early from SLC to LGB on JetBlue. Welcome to very warm SoCal!
We went straight from the airport down to Dana Wharf in Dana Point CA to go whale watching. This is our boat. I found the link online and we decided to splurge and go do something that we'd never done before.
This is us WAY out there. I can't believe HOW peaceful it is to hear waves of the ocean or to just look out and see only ocean and only sky.
On our way out of the harbor out to the ocean. Dana Point, CA has been called, "the most romantic place in CA."
This is Darik pondering, uh, life i guess.

Well this is the best video I got of all the tons of dolphins we saw, enjoy:
Going around the bluff in the background we saw this cute little sea lion family cuddling in the sun on the buoy.
A shot of me with the real Laguna hills in the background. Unfortunately while we were out there we didn't see any whales -- but we did see a whole bunch of dolphins -- and they only give refunds if you see neither whales NOR dolphins. So I'm sad, but the dolphins were WAY cool.
One of our hotel's pools. You can see the ocean from in the pool . . . you can't see it very well in this pic -- so I'll have to go to the other pool and see if I can get a better picture. Yesterday I was out at the pool in the 75* temps just reading a book -- I LOVE IT!
This is me in front of our 5 star hotel resort -- Laguna Cliffs Marriott. It is SO amazing, I love it here.
We just walk down the hill and the wharf is across the street -- so then you just walk up two blocks and we're here on the beach!
Darik-son, pulling the karate kid pose.
Just a cool shot.
This gazebo is one of the "romantic" spots in Dana Point. You are supposed to kiss in the gazebo -- and we're supposed to get a picture . . . but I really don't trust anyone here in SoCal enough to ask them to take a picture of us.
This is my pose -- I was just trying to do a silly pose, but I wish my left arm was a little lower -- then I would have been holding up the ocean!
On the walk to the wharf to eat fish and chips.
The gorgeous sunset over the private boat yard.


  1. You are so blessed!! I need a warm vacation!

  2. How nice to go on a vacation! It looks great and romantic?! How fun for you guys. When is Darik coming to Iowa for work?

  3. oh I miss my flip flops!! I'm sure you are so sad that you missed the 3 inches of snow we just got. I'm glad you are having fun and relaxing. I enjoyed all your pictures. Very pretty.