Tuesday, February 19, 2008

c-ya, CA

Wednesday morning was supposedly D-day; or the day we go home. So we saved a morning jog on the beach for the last day to remember our whole trip with. Unfortunately California was not spared by the nasty weather that hit everywhere that day. It was very very foggy (the fog horns were cool) and a bit chilly but not too bad. The most exercise I got was chasing birds!

You can't really see much in the video (sorry) but there is something supremely cool and supremely creepy about being surrounded by 2000 birds.

After Darik finished up all of his meetings, we had a few hours left before our flight was to leave long beach airport. We decided to go hang out in Long Beach until then so not to get snarled in traffic come crunch time. I'd actually never been there -- so we were both kinda excited. I looked up some attractions and our first stop was the huge mural behind the performing arts center, just off of Pine Street. Notice the grafitti on Pine Street :-)

Pics of the Massive Mural
Cool Beachfront Shopping Area
Me playing baywatch

Ok, the most disappointing thing about the whole trip was this: the garbage on the beach. It is seriously an inconvenient truth! Seriously the birds just aren't walking around in sticks and stuff, they were walking among empty and full car oil and antifreeze bottles, empty and full aerosol cans -- like toxic garbage! And all of the stuff was floating in the nearest 5 feet of waves as well. I cannot comprehend how people can do that do God's green earth!
This last shot shows the beachfront condos/apts. Ahhh, made me wish that I could retire to the beach in Florida one day (definitely not this grotty Long Beach place). But one thing I did learn about the trip is I definitely relax around the ocean!
The last shot from our trip: I had to take a pic of the GPS unit -- I fell in love with this thing!!!


  1. If you were closer to me, you'd be able to smell the envy from your fabulous trip. I loved the video of you chasing birds. I'm glad you had such a great time! See you soon!

  2. I love your pictures. You should run a 5k with me this summer! Sorry I missed your call I was out of town and now Bryson is sick. Maybe by this Friday we can get together! How was your book club?