Tuesday, April 01, 2008


On Saturday night I held my second Twilight bookclub -- this time to discuss books two and three. I must admit I am a HUGE Jacob Black fan. I think I'm in a small, small, minority here. But by some miracle at the bookclub we were evenly split -- three for Jacob and three for Edward. Andrea made a comment about how she thinks a lot of our past experiences from our lives shape how we see the book and who we like (she married her Edward, I married my Jacob) -- but later on I was talking to someone and they said they see it as more of a difference between who is a hopeless romantic and who is a realistic romantic; neither one being better than the other, necessarily. But I am definitely one who is not swayed by all the obsession, melting, swooning, and smoldering going on with Edward and Bella. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice part of the book; but I actually don't even believe she's in love, just lust! I am much more prone to like the happy, witty, funny, crazy, and reckless friendliness happening over with Jacob and Bella. Like I said at bookclub, in there book there are two Bellas -- Edward's Bella and Jacob's Bella, I choose Jacob's Bella any day! ;-) But I don't really even like Bella's character anyway, and I think SM will end up putting Edward and Bella together in the end (if she has any hope of not being assassinated by all the passionate EdwardLovers and JacobHaters) and the only way I'll console myself is to know that Jacob is too good for her anyway :-)

There I did, it broke my record with 15 minutes to spare! YAY! Now I best be rushing off to bed to snuggle with my "jacob-black-space-heater" so I can sleep in this cold house!


  1. the answer to his question "does my being half naked bother you?"

    no, it does not! i might just convert to jacobism just for those pics!

  2. I totally agree with you. Jacob is a healthy relationship for Bella. But, it will never happen, and the guy they picked for him is hot!!

  3. I think the other view is true too- although, at times I feel like more of a realist than a hopeless romantic- I still LOVE EDWARD! And I will always love my Espanol partner too! I'm just happy Jacob makes you happy- otherwise I'm afraid you'd HATE the books altogether and we would have never had our fun book clubs! ;)

  4. I definitely am an EdwardLover, but I am not a total JacobHater. I love Jacob in Twilight, but by the end of Eclipse I think he is pushy, overconfident, and cocky. He forces himself on Bella and he has a really hard time accepting 'no' for an answer. He just seems so arrogant! Also, he is always insulting Edward, and I love Edward! Ü I think Edward shows a lot more respect toward Jacob then Jacob ever shows toward Edward.

    I think that Jacob and Bella have a beautiful friendship, and I think they do love each other. But, I just don't like the person Jacob has become.

    So, are you opposed to Bella becoming a vampire, then?