Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Since my last post was about Twilight I have a quick update. On Facebook I joined a group called "Bella Swan is a whiny, codependent, unlikeable character. There, I said it!" I just happened to post this little snippet there:

seriously? she's the most selfish git on the planet -- she's OKAY with edward killing a human so he can be stronger for the fight at the end? I'm barfing in my mouth because everyone else in this book are much better people than she can ever aspire to be. she sickens me.

Well I just got a hate-email from some stranger in Canada and her name is Jordan Grier. Seriously, i probably shouldn't have replied but it was just too tempting. I had fun! I know I should have resisted the temptation of writing her back and trying to get her head out of fantasy land, but alas, I was told, "u should learn to know what true, true happiness and joy is like bella does" And what can I say to that? I'm laughing too hard to type back.


  1. HAHA, that's my girl!

  2. Wow! You sure are passionate about your dislike for Bella. I happen to like Bella. She has her moments, but she is human, and when are we not whinny, codependent and unlikable people from time to time?

  3. I sure love your dislike for Bella, I may not share the same passion about it as you do, but you sure make me think and that has been very good for me. Good for you on writing that girl back. I am totally curious what you said and what she said, I think it is so funny that this girl is so obsessed. I certainly hope that isn't the norm!!