Thursday, April 03, 2008

brag on my dad

I know it's an extremely silly thing, but my dad was someone's lifeline on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" on Tuesday. I recorded it on my DVR and I thought it was so cool! The guy used his lifeline to call him on a hard question (obviously) and I'll add it later because I don't remember -- but the guy guessed wrong and lost! I felt so bad! But it's still cool.

UPDATE: Ok here is what happened. The guy had already used up the other two lifelines to get to the $25k question (which if you get that right you keep $25k no matter what and get a new lifeline). So here is the question:
What song is commonly played on the radio every Thanksgiving because it was inspired by events that occurred on that day in 1965?
A) Alice's Restaurant Massacre
B) Leaving on a Jet Plane
C) American Pie
D) Last Train to Clarksville
So it is an obscure reference. But the guy on the show worked as a DJ for 12 years and that's how he knew my dad, from working together at KSEI. So it seems like one of them should know. Especially my dad; seriously, if you are playing a trivia game in teams this guy always wins -- he knows the most obscure facts and references about sports, music, movies, life, current events, etc.

So we all have our hopes up - but this is where it turns bad -- first of all it's a long question with relatively long answers, so this guy only has 30 seconds to say it, have my dad understand all the options, and my dad to answer. It took him 10 seconds just to ask the question, and another 9 seconds to go through the answers. And then my dad says, with only 11 seconds left, "What are the options again?" He says, "Alice, Plane, Pie, Train" and the buzzer goes off and cuts off my dad as you hear him say, "American P". The sad thing to me is that if you really look at all the options, only one of them refers to an actual event (the song is played in honor of the event that happened in 1965) and that is Alice's Restaurant Massacre. So I think I might have been able to guess right. But the guy went with my dad's partial answer and lost and walked away with only $1k. It was sad!!!


  1. That's pretty cool! So was it someone from Pocatello on the show?

  2. That's crazy!!! You need to add the question so we can all take a guess! - The name of that song is "sound of Pulling Heaven Down" By Blue October- I Love the lyrics- (I like Blue October anyway..) My husband even likes it! Let me know what you think. ;)