Wednesday, April 02, 2008

friends are . . .

You know those wall plaques or quilted crafty things that have cheesy "friend" sayings on them? Well let's see if I can create some of my own:

friends are the stitches that keep your flesh wounds together . . .
they are the chocolate chips that your cookies yummy . . .
they are the orange juice in your brunch . . .
friends are the things that keep you sane when you really are crazy. . .

Ok, so I don't think I'll be applying for a job at Hallmark anytime soon. So what brought on this bout of sentimentality? Of course, my good ol' high school friends that know me better than anyone. We got together for another girls night a few weeks ago - my cousin Anna was in town from Boise, and we didn't have all the Poky girls there, but it was still awesome. I love having friends where there are no barriers -- you can say anything, do anything, be anything and they love you always and forever anyway. I love that I can be insanely serious and crazy all within 60 seconds. The hilarious thing about us is that we are all so CRAZY DIFFERENT. It's not like we were all in choir or all in sports or all in drama, we were all everywhere. It was truly our friendship that kept us together not common interests. We kinda remind me of the friends in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." Sigh.

And how about this picture? Tsa's kid and my kid! Seriously when I see this picture I get misty eyed and want to start singing "Circle of Life". Yet at the same time I find myself laughing hilariously about rubber chickens and andy andrews. Teresa probably is the friend that knows me best, which is probably sad because I haven't been living near her for 10 years!!!
I wish I could mesh all of my friends into one massive friend I keep around me all the time. This morphed friend would be something like this: Like my highschool friends so I could be crazy anytime I want, like my college roommates who helped me grow up and yet be immature and also be stronger in the gospel together (Crys, Karianne, Monika, Krissy, Kell, Mel, Erika, Sarah), like my married college friends (lookin at you Hilary & Jeromy) so I could always have a buddy to watch ALL of Darik's intramural games and be the biggest dork while playing Hilarium, like my SILaws in Vegas who truly were my friend matches and were there for me through IVF when no one else was or could be truly happy for me working at Agassi, like my Iowa friends (Hilery, Garn, Brandy, Amy, oh how I miss them!) who could go thru the Joy of babies after infertility and dinner parties and playdates and visiting was so fun! And finding a mirror-personality match like Amy in the most random of places -- oh how I miss all of them! At times I feel like I have a piece of them always with me, which comforts me -- but at the same time I know I left a piece of me everywhere that I have lived and left. Darn Darik's jobs that had us move 15 times in 7 years!!!

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  1. How I needed this blog today! You are so sweet, it made me cry! I love that our kids are such good friends and I'm so glad we've gotten a chance to live so close again! I have SO much fun on our girls night. We need to do another one soon cuz I could use some therapy! Love ya!

  2. We miss you guys too! It would be so fun to get Ellie and Nora together like old times and have a friend that lives right behind me. That was the best!
    The clothing comment wasn't for me was it?