Thursday, April 24, 2008

BYU-Idaho Graduation

I have to hurry, Ellie's gonna wake up soon!

Ok two weeks ago on the 11th Darik's little brother graduated from BYUI with his degree in Landscape something or other. I can't remember. But it was awesome and he's awesome and Darik took the day off and we spent all day in a place we love with people we love! What more could you ask for?!

Anyway the day started early with Commencement at 9 am. Elder Ballard was the main speaker, so after Pres. Clark and somebody else Ballard gets up there and totally surprises me! It starts out like all the others, graduates blah blah life blah and then stay away from pornography and be strong. And then he ends up talking about the next 20 minutes about the influence we can have on the internet via blogs and commenting on news stories about the church, etc. He said to use a blog as a journal or use it as a professional tool linked to others in your profession. He also said the day after President Hinckley died he was the third most mentioned person on blog websites. So I've been thinking about making my blog public -- because then the influence of my blog can reach farther . . . if I ever do make a blog about conference or my testimony, etc. What do you think? One funny thing about it was during the talk I leaned over and told Darik, "See, all that time I'm on the computer? I was just keeping the commandments!"

Anyway our other favorite thing about grandpa & grandma's house is -- their house!! I would die happy if Ellie could grow up in that home! They have a full acre out west of Idaho Falls kind of in a farming community. It's a big house with lots to explore and lots of cats and dogs to harass and fresh air, etc. -- I didn't realized how landlocked I was here in Poky till I was out there playing with Ellie!

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  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Kristine, you are welcome to bring her here anytime for any length of time. We love the time with you guys. That picture of Ellie sitting on the tire by the tree is unique in that I have cut all of the tires off so the trees can continue to grow. It will bring back great memories. Thanks for keeping a blog/journal of the goings on so we have some neat record of time. Love, Gramps