Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tree Day

Darik has told me for a long time that April 19 is tree day and not to plan on anything else for him that day. Fair enough. Our neighbors had a big ol' pine tree they wanted taken out and I think Darik mentioned to a few guys that they could come help if they wanted to and -- big surprise -- lots of guys wanted to help play with chainsaws and powertools and help pull a 30 foot tree down! So Darik thought if it worked out a few guys could come over to our house and take down the rest of our trees -- they are all crippled and sidewards and nasty and provide no shade or anything positive -- only stuff to clean up after. But alas, the chain broke and guys had families to take care of . . . so none of our trees made it down. But one day we'll get rid of them all :-)

Here is a video of the big ol' tree coming down:

And here are pictures of the rest:
1) Claire and Ellie playing in the tree

2) All the guys playing in the tree

3) Apparently part of playing with Claire included combing her hair with pinecones and dirt. This bath is what was left over -- she was so gross dirty!

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