Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ellie Update

This is from when we had birthday strawberry shortcake at my mom's. Ellie was still a little drowsy from her late nap due to benadryl -- so she was more thoughtful than usual. She looked up at my mom and said, "You're kinda like another mom."

This is another bathtime picture. What is unique about this one is it's her first time she realized she could lay sideways like this with her legs poking out. She thought it was HILARITY all around.
Ellie's new favorite pastime: waiting for the garbage truck on Friday mornings. You can see the orange end of it passing by. The second she hears it coming if she's not by the window to watch she has a meltdown.
This is just a picture of Ellie and me being silly banana girls. Darik had just got home from work and Ellie thought it would be funny to let her banana (that she was sharing with me) fall out of her mouth. I decided we could be matching and had Darik take the picture.
I got a new pair of tights for Ellie. I guess they're a little too big. She thought this was hilarious, obviously.
Ellie has become the biggest helper ever. I wish I had a mini-broom, mini-vacuum, mini-rake, etc. for her to use. She LOVES to help me cook -- and I even let her crack the eggs (but I break them so it's not so messy for her). Well this is her loving the cool, breezy, sunny weather when we were doing some yardwork. She loves to rake.
And Not Just Grass. I guess she thought our driveway was in need of a good scraping.
This was right when we got home from church -- Ellie was so happy to be in her flower dress, which she loves!
And then she came inside to eat and I shut the front door and she had a nuclear meltdown.
Ellie's favorite movie lately? The Little Mermaid! So sometimes I like to just bust out singing Ariel's "Aaaaahhh, Ahhhhhh," song (you know where she's giving her voice to Ursula?). Ellie keeps telling me, "Mom don't sing it. You're too loud!" And then she sings it. This is a picture of her in her soccer clothes sitting by our flowerbeds singing the Ariel song. And the video is right below just so you can get the audio visual effect together.


  1. Ellie is so cute!!! Cara sings the "ahhh...ahhh..." Ariel song too- then she reminds me that she's Ariel- not me. I get to be Cinderella. The maid who talks to mice- that's who she equates me with. ;)
    I love the bathtub picture- and the garbage truck! It's the same way here with my kids. I remember being a kid and waiting for it too- that robotic arm is just too cool for words! Don't ya just love how your children bring you right back to childhood? It's great.

  2. Precious! And I love that I'm not the only one that thinks it's hilarious to take pictures when the kids are throwing a fit!

    I think I used to do the AAAHH song when I was young too!