Thursday, February 21, 2008

the last wedding ever

Wow -- Ok, I think I haven't blogged this in forever because I know it's going to have like a million pictures attached to it . . . but on February 16 my brother married Rachel Rebecca Millet from American Falls. It just so happens it's the last wedding to happen in our immediate families -- it was weird when we were getting old enough to get married, but now that all of us are the next stage is everyone having kids . . . which will be fun (hint hint).

It had been a while since my whole family was together so the day before the wedding we stopped by the church house to use the backdrop to take our own family portraits. The photos are in order of age:
The Whole Family
Mom & Dad

Tony, Kim, Madison, & Jacob

Emily, Brooke, Hailey, & Kortnie
Jon, Laura, Jordyn, & Chelsea
Darik, Kris, Taysh, & Ellie
Mike & Vanessa
James & Rachel
Whole Family Being Crazy
Also, they asked me to be the photographer!! I had taken their engagement photos, which for some reason turned out really well. And I might have the best camera out of everyone in their families, but that's not saying much . . . So I learned a lot during that experience, like I need to have all the shots pre-planned and I need to take charge more -- and I need to know how to use my camera better, and how to use photoshop better, and if you're taking pictures in a church gym with nasty fluorescent lighting you need to bring your own professional lighting -- yeah. Some of them still turned out pretty well, but most of the ones in color just turned out awful, I think. I'm planning on making them a wedding book on whenever I get around to it!
A Candid from the Rehearsal
Emily, Brooke, Gma Saurey, Laura, Chelsea
James & Rachel
John Holt, Austin Holt, Mike
Laura & Chelsea
Two of Rachel's Sisters
Tony & Jacob
The Cake
Rachel & James

The Millet Family
The Whole Miller Side (These shots were SOOO hard to get!!)
James and Rachel with all the siblings
John Holt, Mike, James, Jon, & Tony
Mike & Vanessa

Madison & Ellie
The Line
Jon & Chelsea


  1. WOW lady! You've been busy! You need to give yourself more credit! Those pictures look awesome! I know what you mean about "church lighting" and all- but those looks great! You deserve a pat on the back! ;)
    PS- I just realized I put an exclamation point on every one of my sentences! Well, why stop now??!ha-ha! ;)

  2. love it! you are a great photographer! doesn't it feel good to get the whole family in front of the camera? for some reason i refuse to capitalize my letters in this comment, anyway, keep the blogs rolling, i can't get enough!