Friday, May 23, 2008

cute ellie

Wow, after this I will be all caught up on my blogging. After so many blogs about what has happened I just have a collage of cute little snapshots I've taken recently: This is Ellie with her Pooh puzzle. She got it for Christmas from nana and the first few times I had to help her with it. But once she saw how to go about matching things up she does the whole thing on her own now. I just keep it out on the end table all of the time and she does it whenever she wants to. I desperately need to get her some more 24 piece puzzles! plus you gotta love the red koolaid mustache.
Daddy had just gotten home from work and discovered that Ellie had fallen asleep during an hour long tantrum. I asked him to go wake her up -- she was SO OUT OF IT. He tried shaking her and that didn't work, so he tickled her. She is literally sleep-laughing right here.
The traditional cutie-pie bath shot.
This is an adorable picture of Ellie with her two best friends, Owen and Claire in the hammock. They have so much fun together.
Even thought Ellie's hair is too stubborn to curl at this length she still loves to have the curlers in -- anything that's girly, I guess. Sigh!


  1. They get funner everyday! I thought the sleep-laugh thing was cute. Skyler does the whole "asleep/awake" thing, but we haven't gotten him to laugh yet!