Sunday, May 25, 2008

i am

i am: happy
i know: God lives and loves me
i want: to be a good mom
i have: more than enough
i wish: ice cream was free
i hate: most sugary things
i miss: the places i've lived
i fear: lots of things
i feel: like I need to improve spiritually
i hear: Ellie talking
i smell: nothing - my sinuses are clogged
i crave: ? not much. skittles?
i search: for good entertainment - books, movies, friends, etc
i wonder: when I will get to go to grad school (and what I'll want to go into)
i regret: wasting time on the dang computer
i love: my family
i ache: when I am reminded of things I miss
i always: am grateful for ellie
i am not: a supermom
i believe: everything will work out
i dance: like a dork to high school musical and jabbawockeez (for Ellie of course)
i sing: pathetically
i cry: when I am touched by a great story. Like last night watching amazing grace.
i don’t always: have patience.
i fight: to keep my sanity sometimes
i write: on my blog
i win: all the time
i lose: rarely
i never: try to stop from sneezing
i confuse: darik when I talk sometimes
i listen: to 98.5 or the ipod
i can usually be found: at home
i am scared: of losing my family
i need: my faith and my man and my baby
i am happy about: my life right now, esp the marriage


  1. I loved Amazing Grace too, fun survey!

  2. I love this survey! I'll have to steal it! I cry after good stories too- which seems to be frequent lately. ;)