Saturday, May 03, 2008

I'm feeling very domestic today

There is a farmer in the Highland Stake that is hooking us all up with wheat at a good price every Saturday for the month of May. So this morning we truck it on up there to load up. Well, we did and after we got home . . . we decided there was no time like the present to go and buy and package other stuff we needed for food storage. So we bought more sugar, oats, and rice in addition to the wheat. We were both surprised how much work goes into just buying the stuff and putting it in our buckets! So after all of this:We realize that not everything fit into the buckets evenly and we have leftover of rice and oats. For some reason I felt like I was playing the game 'Pit' all day today ("two for two!, aw man!, who had my oats!!!??") So now we're making no-bake cookies like there's no tomorrow. So if you live withing a 300 foot radius of us, expect some no-bakes here in the next few days! (And we've been baking more bread, too!)


  1. I'm so proud! It's always fun to do that kind of stuff.

    The buckets reminded me of growing up, my parents were always filling buckets full of wheat adn things. You're inspiring me, our food storage needs some serious updating.

  2. I am a huge lover of no bakes! Send me your address and I will be right over!!! ;o)

  3. After seeing this on your blog I started craving no bake cookies...guess what I made tonight!