Sunday, May 04, 2008

Some Randomness

First, there is kinda a funny story about miscommunication that has to do with that red little tulip Ellie is sitting by. Last year when D's parents came back from their mission for Mindy's wedding they stopped by our house for a little bit. A few days later I noticed there was a bucket full of flower bulbs sitting in the garage. I asked Darik about it and he said, "Uh, I think my parents left them there for us." Either he didn't understand the original purpose or he had forgotten -- but those bulbs were from the Winter Quarters Temple/Visitor's Center where his parents had been serving . . . and apparently they were either for their own yard or for a fellow mission friend. So me, thinking that I now needed to plant all of these bulbs -- went out in the front flower patch and planted the whole lot. Last month when we went up to visit his parents, they asked about their missing flower bulbs. I just looked at Darik and shook my head - I swear we are not so good at the communication thing! We just smiled and said, "well, we'll be able to get them to you in the fall -- when they're done blooming at our house!!" In the meantime, if you drive by our home, please notice the pretty temple flowers that are out front -- we are lucky to have them as long as we can!
Last week when it warmed up Ellie and Owen desperately wanted to play outside for their playdate. It was so cute -- that when instead of fighting over the car they decided they both were taking a ride and squished their little bums in there as much as possible. I love this picture - Owen's face seems to be saying, "you can get close, but not that close Ellie!"
Ahhhh -- another of Eliza's firsts! Her self-haircut. Last week (also during the playdate she ran up to me with this fistful of hair and said, "look mom, I have a haircut!" Yes I did freak out -- but gratefully she only gave herself a chunk of bangs on one side of her head. No bald spots, no damage control. I looks a little funny, but nothing we can't manage on our own.
You can see the bangs on the right side of the pic below -- this is Ellie wearing her favorite dress and her "crown."


  1. Cute Pics! - The first haircut is always exciting! You're so lucky it turned out well! I love reading your stories about Ellie- she's so quiet when I see her, but I get to witness her spunk through your blog. She's a hoot!

  2. Ah, the self haircut, been there! I still find tufts of Jayda's hair around the house from when she hacked hers! I think it's a rite of passage to go through the self haircut.

    Don't you hate those misunderstandings, especially when the intentions were perfectly good. It sounds like it was handled well though.

  3. She is SO darling! I'd cut my my own hair too if I could do it like that and still look cute :)