Thursday, May 22, 2008

las vegas - day 1

Ellie and Maddy on the way home from mickey dees

The drive down was LONG and painful. But thankfully I put some of Ellie's movies on the ipod so that helped a little. We got there around midnight and crashed so we could be well rested for some good times for the next 72 hours. I love that you can go somewhere for vacation and have very little to do - you literally forget what day and date it is. So that morning I slept in :-) and Darik got up early to play with Ellie until everyone else woke up. We stayed with my brother Tony's family. So it's always fun to get reacquainted and see how much the kids have grown. Tony works night shifts so he was pretty much there all day the time we were there - which was great for Darik. They played the Wii and went shooting guns at the police place or something (Tony's a policeman). For lunch we met at McDonalds (I know, gross, but we had to have a play place for the kids so the parents could talk!) and EVERYONE was there with their families. It was cool (Tony, Jon, Me, and Mike + families = 13). We got home and took a quick dip in Tony's pool. Then I hopped out and went house hunting with Mike and Vanessa. They've been renting forever but with all the foreclosures down there housing is actually affordable again. It was fun to go and look. When I left a 1400 sf home was selling for 250k. I was walking thru ones listed at 150k and was shocked. Until we got to the one -- the scary ghetto one -- with massive holes in the walls and massive graffiti from the "West Side A's" everywhere. I thought we would get shot there. (and it wasn't that bad of an area - in the new stuff by Sam Boyd Stadium). By the end of the day I was seriously considering a move back to Las Vegas. That night we went over to Mike & Karen's house. Mike is Darik's best friend from growing up - and he actually might know Darik better than me. I'm not sure, it's a toss up. It is always awesome to see those guys and we had tons of fun. I wish everyone could see Darik when he's around Mike. Usually he's a lot more guarded about what he says or does (he doesn't know other people as well -- I'm like that too) but Darik was loud and funny and almost rolling on the floor laughing. It is great to see him so lighthearted when he has so much pressure and responsibilities back home. So we go back to Tony's after a while and chill with Kim, Mike, & Vanessa. I have a nasty habit of staying up late talking with the girls when I'm down there. I think that night I was only up until 230 am. End of day one - get ready cuz the next two days have about a thousand pictures (it will take me while to upload them all!)

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  1. Yay for awesome vacations, especially when you get to see family again! Can't wait to see your pics. I feel like an anxious puppy dog with your blog..."has she posted, has she posted, YES, SHE POSTED!" (Or maybe that's not a puppy dog, maybe that's the teacher from Jr High who got really excited about chicken..."YES, CHICKEN, chicken, chicken..") I know, way too long of a comment!