Thursday, May 22, 2008

mother's day

well I recently blogged about my mom -- so it's time for a little spotlight on Darik's mom. This past Mother's Day we spent in the car on our way down to Vegas (side note, Darik kind forgot mother's day for me but we have since worked through that little oversight :-). But since we weren't there that day on the Friday before we drove up to IF for a little Grandma Anderson time. Ellie absolutely adores her grandparents and asks for them all the time. We really need to work it into our schedule to make it up there more often (this has been the busiest month, does life ever slow down??). One of my favorite things about Diana is she truly is a good friend to me. When I lived apart from Darik for 6 months to finish school at BYUI she was up at school with me and kept me company through my depression of husbandless-ness. She is so sweet and has such a big heart. When I started dating Darik we went for a walk in Smith Park and we were just talking about our families, etc. It was the sweetest thing, he told me that he owes everything good about who he is to his mother - who is an angel. And I've had a while to get to know her and I agree. We love you Diana! You are an awesome mother and I couldn't have asked for a better mother-in-law! We are blessed to have you!

Anyway here are a few pictures of our trip.

This cat's name is batman. Ellie knows it's not a man so she only calls it batcat or batkitty. She loves him. He's massive and he never gets mad at her! Don't worry Randy we only brought him inside for a minute or two!

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