Friday, May 23, 2008

las vegas - pool day - day 3

pretty much that sums it up. most of the day was spent in Tony's pool. I love that they have a pool that we don't have to pack everyone up and go somewhere else to swim. It is so, SO convenient. And if Ellie didn't love it so much, but she does . . . so a necessity!
Wednesday morning waiting for the parents to finish getting ready.
The 3 kids so happy to be together. Sweet Maddy, Baby Jacob, and Ellie Belly.
Ellie hanging on for dear life!
Ellie FINALLY swimming on her own. My freaking heck it took long enough.
and again.
and again. After this shot she wussed out again and didn't let us let go of her again.
My camera has an awesome setting that lets me choose just one color to show up and the rest be black and white. I got a little trigger happy. This is Ellie walking on water.
Dad's hoop dreams for his little one.
Cute Ellie with her HOT daddy.
Maddy walking on water.
Ellie sticking to the stairs like glue.
A self portrait. Thank goodness for auto-timers.
Ellie sticking her tongue out because she will do anything to try to ruin an adorable picture for me. And then I just decide that this is still adorable.
Her cuteness comes thru.
Jakey boy with his ducky.
D lookin mighty HOT again!
Later that night we went down to Rhodes Ranch for pizza at the park and then hanging out at Jon's new place. Jordyn loves her High School Musical Karaoke game on the Wii -- and Ellie knows lots of the songs so she wanted to try her hand at it. This is her doing "Bop to the Top". When she finally got the microphone she forgot about singing but tried to match the dance moves - it was hilarious. I later tried to get her to sing that one song . . "what i've been looking for". I like to sing it with Ellie when we do the dishes--but she wasn't having it. Then Mike and I tried to mic it up, and I truly learned that I truly suck. And now you know my hidden deepest, darkest secret -- I know all the words to the High School Musical songs!
Then us grown ups play a whole bunch more wii -- and watch a show before everyone crashes. All in all it was another awesome vegas trip. I think next time we'll have to plan farther ahead so we can make it on a weekend so nobody has to be to work at 7 am. That way we can have much more late nights (like usual when we go down) and have tony around more when he's not working the night shift. The end.

p.s. the drive home was a worse nightmare than the drive back. But our marriage and our lives survived. Oh, did I forget to tell the story when Darik almost flipped the car driving on the way down in Ogden at 4 p.m. We were seriously being looked after because I have no idea how the car did not roll. We fishtailed from one side of I15 to the other for a long time and in the gravel and out of the gravel -- it seemed like every other car out there just slowed to a stop to either watch us die or wait for us to save ourselves. Gratefully it was the latter.

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  1. That looks like such a blast, your family is so cute, and I love what your camera can do!