Thursday, May 08, 2008

To Be A Girl

I have always been a tomboy; always have been and always will be. I regularly credit the fact of having four brothers, a dad who is a sports broadcaster, and having a mom that likes sports for my tomboyishness. In all reality I probably cried for two years after being made to wear a bra because I was so bitter I had to be a girl - I have always been such a hater of all things girly. (Explains my relationship with my sister, or lackage of at an early age). (Thankfully I do think boys are smokin' hot -- never been a problem there :-) But in junior high I wore boys clothes and shoes and a ponytail until ninth grade -- when I first wore makeup.
Funny tangent story: When I was working at Agassi they had a gay law intern. At first I was not cool with him but then I got to know him and he turned out to be one of my friends there. One time I was at work and I said, "I didn't even start dressing like a girl until I was 15." Shawn says, "Funny, neither did I."
Needless to say when I moved out to go to college one of the last things my mom says to me (in tears) is, "I just feel so horrible I never taught you how to be a lady!" Gee shucks, thanks Mom, I love you too!

Up at Ricks I eventually got a job in public relations that required me to wear a skirt every day. After a while of wearing jeans and changing every day before work, I just got sick of all the changing and just started wearing dresses and skirts to class. I think that I was finally on my way to becoming girly. It has been a long road and I still have a long way to go -- my SILs in Vegas helped alot (they are both girly girls) by even bringing me to my first pedicure ever. I still hardly get my haircut and never dyed or highlighted (I may be more girly but I will always be low maintenance) . . . anyway - here are my latest girly accomplishments:

#1 - The Dangly Earring - A few of my friends have really encouraged me on this one. About how fun and flirty and girly it is. I tried on a few at a Teresa's jewelry party and had to take them off because it just felt 'not me at all'. But I got these and another pair as a gift so today was my first day with dangly earrings. It was fun :-) (please excuse the pic, I'm horrible at self-photography).
#2 - The Pedicure - Darik's christmas present was a gift certificate to some spa in town so I saved it for a summer pedicure for my flip flops. I couldn't bring myself to have pink toes -- but I figured my favorite color (silver) would suffice. That being said, I really really don't think it's worth $40 to have someone soak, scrub, lotion, and massage your feet. I think I'll just try to take better care of my own feet!


  1. Gorgeous! And the earrings look great on you!

  2. DANG!-lee earings!!! You look smokin mama! It's nice to try something new every now and again. I NEVER used to wear necklaces, and after a couple of weeks of effort to get over my aversion, I now wear them all the time. You like them better the more you wear them. ;)

  3. I am not girly at all! We should get together and you can help me move toward girliness. I'm sure my husband would appreciate it. ;o)

  4. You are so dang CUTE! I just love ya!