Monday, June 02, 2008

can't get enough

once again here is a random post of ellie's cutenessThis is her playing her favorite computer game at nana's house
Ellie's favorite time of year: pool time (also at nana's)
Ellie saw this picture and said, "mom, am I painting a pretty picture?" She loves to water color paint!! She usually turns the brush on her own face and ends up putting "makeup" on.
Ellie loving wearing a Halloween witches wig. She loved it!
Last Sunday Ellie's hair was the most adorable it's ever been! I pulled it up with a ribbon and put the back in curlers so it had the cutest little curl out on the bottom. Just looking at her melted our hearts -- and the little stink wouldn't let me take a picture of her! This is D forcing the issue just so I can capture the moment!
This is a first for Ellie -- she was still long enough for me to actually do her hair. Granted she did throw one humongous tantrum in the middle of it, after she calmed down she came back to let me finish. She calls it "putting x's in her hair." It was cute. And by the way, she has tons of thick hair, just like her mom!


  1. Such cute pics, love it!

  2. Ellie is so cute! She's so shy in person (at least when I've been around)- I love to see pics of her because you can really see her fun personality shine through. ;)

  3. it looks like our husbands have something in common. Red sox fans! :) Cute pictures