Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Games Millers Play

Growing up my family played lots of random games. We didn't have many board games or video games for a lot of years -- but we got pretty creative with what we had. I guess I assumed all children played these games (and you may have) but as I grew older I realized they were actually kind of unique. Here is a run down of some of the Miller children's favorite childhood games (oh and please excuse some of the blurry pictures - whenever anyone else uses my camera they don't use the flash for some reason!):

COWS IN SPACEThis is a game in which any number of kids jump on a trampoline and there are two people standing on opposite sides of the tramp trying to lasso them down (our lasso has always been an old sock filled with other old socks, and then tied to a bunch of old robe belts). Usually you try to just snag an ankle when they're in the air (thus cows [lassoing] in space [while airborne]) and then a quick little tug will turn the kid horizontal enough and they just fall safely on the tramp.At least that's what we did when we were kids. We took it like men. This new generation, man -- Jon & I were talking -- they are such wusses! They get so scared of getting taken down when the lasso comes they fall on their butt (making it more dangerous cuz the darn thing could lasso their neck!) -- and they are so stubborn about not jumping up in the air (it makes it easier to get lassoed) all they do is run away from it and hide. Seriously, grandkids, listen up! It is fun to get lassoed, so cowboy up :-) !!
Daddy lays on the ground (on his back or tummy) and then all the kids have to turn him over. Actually pretty fun.
This is usually played after Turn Daddy Over. Everyone just piles on dad. Usually when everybody piles on Darik when he gets too squashed he gets everyone off by tickling them. Tonight that was pretty dangerous because my bladder was full and I yelled, "Get off! I will pee on you ALL!" Yeah I know, too much information!
The games listed below this line are ones everyone has heard of -- but since the grandkids came a long they have seemed to suit them a little bit more than cows in space and the more rough and tumble stuff we grew up with. So they are traditions for us in their own right.



  1. Your family is awesome! Some of those games reminded me of the good old days of steamroller!

  2. It looks like you guys have so much fun! I may need to be adopted into the Miller and Anderson families!