Sunday, June 01, 2008


Well a week after we got back from seeing family in Vegas, my brother Jon from Vegas came up to Poky for a 10-day-visit. His SIL graduated from high school -- so they had a big family reunion. So we had a LOT of family nights and made sure the girls got plenty of playing time with their cousins. And after the cousins went to bed a few times we just watched a movie -- I remember one was the Kite Runner; I do'nt even remember what the other movie was. That's how bad my memory is right now . . . oh wait it was the Denzel one - The Great Debaters. Both good shows. So yeah, just lots of hanging out together having fun.
They played on the tramp.
And played Twister
And ate lots of dinner togetherThis is just a cute picture of baby ChelsieAnd they climbed up on the house in our backyardAnd we went to the movies twice! (The first time we thought it was Horton Hears a Who -- when we got there we learned that Nim's Island was playing instead. A few days later we went back to make sure we could see Horton. Horton was by far a much better movie!)


  1. How fun! I haven't seen Nim's Island yet, but we thoroughly enjoyed Horton too! How was your trip to Vegas? We're sad we missed you guys! We have got to get together some time!!

  2. I'm always inspired by the activities you do with Ellie. Some of them don't even cross my mind, probably because I'm still in denial of how old our girls are getting! Now I can't wait to take Jayda to the movies!