Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hau`oli la hanau!

That's happy birthday in Hawaiian. And we threw a surprise birthday party for my mom - Luau style. She turned 52 (I can always remember cuz she's 25 years older than I am). Darik was able to finagle some tickets to the Lippizaner Stallions show coming up at ISU - mom really wanted to bring the girls (who love horses). I was really glad that lots of the grandkids were here for it. She is such a great grandma. And those kids couldn't have a better Nana. My mom is the Nana that is down on the ground giggling and tickling and playing with all the kids. A lot of grandma's love to give cuddles but when the kids are rowdy they're sent outside -- my mom is usually the one riling them all up. She is so fun.
Anyways here she is blowing out the candles
And these two are her doing the hula with her girls
And then all of them giving her loves!