Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dancing Horses

ISU brought in a show at the Holt called the Lipizzaner Stallions. We got my mom a bunch of tickets for her bday because she wanted to bring Hailey bailey (who LOVES horses). Darik saw the performance the night before and told me that it was one of the most boring things he'd ever seen and that all of the kids would be bored to death. Not so! We LOVED IT!!Hailey absolutely beaming at the thought of her horse show starting any second!!!
Probably the coolest trick there. The horse can do some crazy air tricks from standing based on that guy's command.
All of the girls having a great time!
It is really hard to catch the movements of the "dancing" on camera. But this is the best I've got, sorry! Just believe me when I say it was a lot cooler than the pics look!
These horses are the breed from Europe that basically all the royalty would ride. The horses are amazing -- they basically know how to do dance steps to music and in sync with other horses. So first they brought out the horses and showed us all the awesome steps and moves and tricks they could do. Then at the end they turned the music on and brought different groups out to "dance" to the music. It probably doesn't sound cool but it was amazingly impressive. I almost felt like I was transported 400 years back in time and living in Austria watching all the royalty march into town. And the kids? Can you say "loved every minute of it"? They kept on looking around and saying, "these are the smartest horses in the world!!!" And at the end when they had 8 horses dancing to classical music the little girl behind us said, "Daddy, are those horses dancing in a ballet?" And ya know what? They were! It was a horse ballet and it was awesome!

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