Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few birthdays

At the start of this month we had an emergency foster placement, a little two-year-old, (Chri)Stina. [she is Hailey's half sister -- our other respite foster placement we had at the time] Well, actually they dropped her off on the 4th and said, oh-by-the-way her 2nd birthday is tomorrow. So I flew into action and scrambled to walmart to get some toys and a cake, etc. That day we played at the park, had a barbecue, and had yummy cake. It is sad to know she shared this birthday with absolute strangers (and that she almost didn't get a party! I believe at least cake, ice cream, and some presents to be unalienable rights!). So here are some cute pics of our cute Stina.Here is Christina's hilarious squinty eye camera pose during her bday breakfast.
Here she is with her 4 cool toys she got. Unfortunately only 2 of them made their way back from her temp placement the last 2 weeks. Darik told me I should have kept the toys here til we got her back --- he was right . . . (sigh).
Playing at the park
Trying out some delicious frosting.
Enjoying the full spoils of her Bday #2! Don't you love the ringlets! She reminds of me of a little cindy-lou-who.

Before she left our house on the 6th they said she was looking to move into a permanent (3-6 month) foster placement with her 6-year-old brother and they asked us if we'd take them both on the 19th. Because of her sweetness, cuteness, and easiness to take care of it was a no-brainer (and we heard her brother was sweeter and easier than she was!).

Also my little neice Hailey bailey turned 7 on the 16th. You Poky friends have got to go to Westwood Discount. They may have mostly ghetto stuff, but what good stuff is there you get for pennies on the dollar -- like these HSM posters for 99 cents!
And these birthdays aren't all for the month of June. We have 7 June Bdays in the JGMiller Fam. And one will get her own post later (yay for Ellie!) But as fun as bdays are I am all birthday'd out -- no more cake, please!

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  1. You're doing foster care?? Are you doing just foster or a foster/adopt? Maybe I was inspired to hop on to your blog. We're signed up for training next month. I would love to hear more about your experience with it. I go from feeling good about it to questioning whether adding another child will be good for us or not. Hoping to hear from you. nateandcole@gmail.com