Thursday, June 26, 2008

Garden Update

Ok, I think it's been about a month since we planted our garden. Almost 3 of those weeks was a darn nasty cold spell -- snow and all. For the first two weeks NOTHING HAPPENED! I was frantic. Then my peas just went nuts. Thank goodness for peas! It looked like so much that I'd planted had shriveled up and died (tomatoes, cantaloupe, squashes, etc.)!! But I was the most surprised that as soon as the warm weather came those things rose from the dead! I am serious! So in one box the only thing that didn't make it was cucumbers (tomatoes, cantaloupe, peas and watermelon look ok). The other box with all the squash has done amazing -- I should retake those pictures -- the acorn squash has doubled in size since I took these two days ago and already is flowering. The last box I planted (with beans, carrots, strawberries, herbs, lettuce, and a few other random things) is not doing so well. I can't be sure if I mixed the soil wrong or that it gets more shade from the nearby tree than the others . . . I don't know but it's struggling. Only half of the bean and carrots came up. Lettuce seems frozen in time and all my herbs and strawberries died. The only thing going nuts over there is the broccoli -- GO BROCCOLI!! Sigh. I dug up the dead stuff and replanted some more peas and carrots. Hope at least those babies work! My biggest fear right now in leaving for vacation is leaving the garden. The peas and tomatoes are just getting to the point right now that they need help starting to climb our little trellis. Hope it can wait til July 6! We do have a neighbor who said she's water our garden for us -- with sprinkler watering it's too much to ask ANYONE to help here. So our grass may be dead when we get back, but oh well. :-)


  1. Your square foot garden boxes look good! And everything is so tidy with no weeds. I love square foot gardening--much less work.

  2. The garden looks awesome! Great job!