Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ellie's Big Day

You may ask why I'm blogging at 1 am. Another byproduct of a family of 5 -- and a slow computer -- and massive file sizes from my digicam (don't worry I shrunk the size tonight hoping it will make blogging easier from here on out).

Ellie started out her day by waking up at 630 am -- she came into my room where I was still cuddled under my warm blankies . . . I look up and smile and start singing "happy birthday to you" she gets a massive smile, lets me finish -- and then immediately sprints into Christian and Christina to wake them up to make sure they know . . . IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!! I am actually really excited for her . . . this is the first year she understands what a birthday is and why she gets it and what happens and why it happens . . . but I had really been hoping for a better start to the day ! Why doesn't she want to sleep in on her bday like her mama?

So we get up and I feed them food and they play for a bit. I decide since it's her birthday she gets to choose out of everything she has what to wear . . . usually I narrow it down to 2 and she chooses. So she chooses her Quinceanera dress (or so she calls it because it's long and twirls). C&C have a parental visit with Crystal from noon til 5 . . . which gives Ellie some prime Mom & Dad time. It starts out with some fun times just dancing with daddy. Then ran a few errands and Ellie got to pick out a few extra toys as we were wandering walmart (She got a helicopter that is blue and white like the one at our hospital - she calls it her "BEST Friend!!".

When we got back we got into our swimsuits and got ready to get wet (the afternoon's purchases included waterguns and waterballoons, not to mention the awesome pool set up that ellie L-O-V-E-S!). While we were waiting for kids to show up I pulled out the camera. I try to get yearly portraits done as close around her birthday that we can - this year I didn't get around to it (busy for some reason, imagine that) - I'll schedule them for July . . . but I broke out my camera and decided to try to take some cute candids of her out there with her daddy. This is the result: "The Many Faces of Ellie"

I'm really not into massive bday parties every year. Growing up as Miller kids we got 2 birthday parties -- one at 6 and one at 12 (or was it 6 and 16?? I can't remember. Oh and I do remember year 8 is when they take you out to dinner and tell you Santa Claus is fake, "Happy Bday, we've been lying to you for 8 years!") Those were ones that lots of friends came over and you played games. The rest of the years you didn't get a "party" . . . but it was always your special day and you picked all the meals and desserts and you got cake and ice cream and presents and spent the day with the Miller family. No big production but you feel special nonetheless. So we opt for an Anderson day this year instead of a party.

My sister is in town so we invited her and her girls over for hotdogs and ice cream and cake. So after dinner on the patio we go inside for the cake and presents. The cake?? Ariel, of course. I bought a little Ariel action figure/doll (?) and thought I could have her sit on a candy rocks or a hill I'd make on the 'ocean blue cake'. It actually turned out really cute -- I made it the night before and left it in the fridge . . . unfortunately that morning I pulled it out so Ellie could look at it . . . and the 85 degree weather was not so kind to it . . . by the time we got home from shopping it was melted frosting goo all over and Ariel was keeling over to one said and the candy rocks were everywhere. I did what I could to salvage it, stuck Ariel back in the cake and took a picture.

Ellie still loved it (thank goodness) and when cake time came she was so funny -- after blowing out the three little candles she couldn't, for the life of her, blow out the big #3! She tried 3 or 4 times and every time she would laugh and laugh when it was still on after the last blow. So daddy snuck around her side and gave her a little help. She got a pretty good haul with the presents. Her favorite by far is the little Ariel that was jammed into her cake. It's a little advanced for her with little pieces that are removable and easily get lost and cause mommies lots of headaches -- but her happiness is worth it, right? She does also love her stars and probably her Word Whammer second and third most.


  1. What a cute birthday girl! It is funny we both have little girls just 13 days apart! Your foster kids are so cute. I found your phone# in the phonebook and I am going to call you next time I come to town. Consider yourself warned!

  2. What a fun party! Happy birthday Ellie! I can't believe our girls are turning three!

  3. Looks like you've been crazy busy, but that's how life is sometimes, and you just gotta enjoy it while you can.

  4. Hi Kristine! It's Heather (Parkin)Sayer. I was visiting Jennifer the other day and she told me you had a blog so I thought I would try and find it. Hope you don't mind. What a cute family you have!

  5. Cara's birthday was this week too- only a year older. Ellie is sooo cute- I love that she's most content with the Ariel on the cake. Such a big girl!

  6. Looks like she had a great birthday! Ellie is so adorable!Your foster kids are way cute! How fun and crazy for you!

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet Ellie! You guys have been BUSY!!! Hang in there! :) You guys rock!