Tuesday, July 29, 2008

more randomness

So what have we been up to lately? this is just a peek into the whirlwind of our lives:

My little brother James moved home. Along with his awesome (and now preggo wife, Rachel) . . . and
Their dog Champ! This little guy was a tiny puppy when they left in April. Now he's as big as Ellie.
Ellie is so happy to have all three of them back home. She has missed them.
Here are some pics of my kiddies jus being silly. A big thank you goes out to Jennifer (again) for giving us her swingset!

And remember all that freezer jam I made? Well we still had a big jar of generic strawberry preserves from WinCo when we got home -- D made a concerted effort to finish off that jar before we broke out the delicious goodness of the freezer jam. I refused to waste that yucky stuff, but he thinks the sacrifice was worth it. I think we ate this whole jar in about a week.
And the reason being that I kept making homemade bread to have with the homemade jam :-)
Here is a little Christian update. I got some really great advice from my friends about helping kids to play and be creative (from my blog post here) One of my friends suggested having toys or legos with instructions they could follow. Here is my little guy putting the mosaic together. He really was SO proud of himself - and I was glad he didn't even need my help :-)
the girls have these cute little matching shorts -- and these cute little matching pigtails, how could I resist another photo op? I couldn't so here goes:
I L-O-V-E christian and ellie's happy little faces. It just makes my heart melt.
And getting that cute little smile out of Stina instead of her gangsta face just melted whatever else was left of my heart :-)
Oh yeah, we had another freezer meal swap. Baked spaghetti -- YUM! The recipe is straight from my MIL Diana Anderson, so you know it's gotta be good!

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  1. First of all...that spag looks DEE-LISH! You should post the recipe for me! Clinton and Cara love those blocks too- it's a step toward making them realize they can be independant. Good Job!