Thursday, July 17, 2008

Randomness/Just for Fun

One more quick random post before I go to bed. Here is a list of all "keywords" used in search engines to land on my blog (one bad side effect of having it public, although if I talked about the church a little more I might get traffic that way as well - which would be a good thing - I gotta work on that!):
mothers day drowning laguna beach
where is the nearest store to get jabbawockeez mask in florida
maverick refinery
west side a's
jabberwockeez toy
lia sophia advisors idaho falls
made to wear a bra
I did the same thing with my politics blog when I was back in Iowa and these are the results:

There's the Expected:
moderate conservatives
confessions of a moderate conservative
dobson armey
moderate conservative
the reddest place in america
moderate conservative leaders
moderate conservatism
The Unexpected:
is it silly to only transfer one embryo in ivf
the reason hitler wanted to annhialate the jews
raised up from the ground
ivf embryo transfer survival rate
And the Hilarious:
two guys in a canoe joke
methodist belief tattoos

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