Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Heck of a Staycation

Darik decided to split the rental of a sprinkler-hose-installer-machine-thingy with one of his friends and install sprinkler systems in both of our lawns on Saturday. It is one mucky-muddy mess. And the kids are driving me nuts with how much of the dirt they're tracking inside. Since we didn't use PVC pipe that requires trenching, but the machine that snakes the hose underneath . . . it's cleaner than it would have been. Alas, our lawn is so freaking difficult with its hills and stairs and all the rest of the BS about it -- that Darik has had to hand trench for the past 72 hours about half of the pipe because the machine they rented couldn't make it where it needed to be (solely because of the landscape). My poor husband - this stinks that we won't get around to our other projects, but Darik is just beat from all of this work in the 90*+ heat!

Well, a nice bonus of working for a state institution is the amount of vacation - so D had an extra week of vacation . . . I told him he should take it this week so he could wrap up installing the sprinkler system and then move on to other outside projects we have. Ha! I think we'll be lucky if it's up and working by the time we leave town to see Gma & Gpa Anderson on Friday. Here are a few pics of our exploits:Those aren't crop circles, just sprinkler scars.
Having to dig and drag the lines underneath the stairs.
You can't tell but this is a sinkhole. As they were running the snaking machine thru this part they discovered a 10 sq foot slab of concrete an inch below the surface. They had to pull it out of course, the lines are in but it's most certainly a sinkhole in our yard now.

This is where the valve should go

A closer up look at Darik's awesome trenching.

Here are some other things that have been taking up all my time:
losing my keys (and having to search every square inch of the house for them). I never a person that loses their keys so this one really threw me. When I do lose something I have a mortal fear it's in the garbage . . . thankfully these weren't!
rearranging my kitchen. I have this weird thing about kitchens, when I first move in I hate to put stuff away in the cupboards because I am not exactly sure where I want it. Well I've lived in the house for a year now and was just not happy with my original placements of everything - so I emptied and cleaned every single cupboard and drawer . . . I'm much happier with the new arrangement. I feel more peaceful - I don't know what it is about having a clean kitchen that makes everything all better!
p.s. My awesome friend Jennifer is moving out to American Falls and gave us their old swingset for free! It is great to finally have one.


  1. You will love your new sprinkler system. It's one of things that I look back and ask myself how we ever did without it.

  2. Looks like things have been busy. I'm glad you find your keys, I get so mad when that happens (which is much more often!) COol swingset!

  3. Wow, you guys have been busy. More power to ya!